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"What are you most looking forward to after social distancing ends?"

That’s what we asked our team recently. What surprised us was that it wasn’t the international travel, sports events or concerts that we miss… it was some of the most basic aspects of our everyday lives. Here’s a bit of what we said we want to do:

  • See, hold, hug loved ones again

  • Have access to consistent, reliable daycare

  • Take our kids camping or even just to the park or back to school

  • Stand next to someone instead of six feet away

  • Go shopping in a store without wearing a mask or get coffee with a friend

  • Go to a salon/get a mani-pedi

In spite of all the things we miss, we found there is good in this experience. Here are some of the things we actually cherish and want to keep:

  • Intimate family time or dedicated meals

  • Connecting with friends and family in new ways (video chatting) and old (sending cards)

  • Unstructured time

Probably the happiest members of our families are our pets who often can be heard and seen on our team calls. To see our extended team, human and fur, check out this “A New Way of Working and Living“ tip sheet.

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