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Wellness & The Employee Experience

By Scott Dinwiddie

If you’ve heard the term “Employee Experience” or “EX” and wondered whether it was anything more than the latest HR fad, you’re not alone. Buzzwords come and go like the latest fashion while rarely having more than a transient impact on the reality of our companies. Employee Experience, we believe, is different. In fact, we agree with a recent report from Willis Towers Watson suggesting that EX has become the new guiding construct for human capital.

What does this mean for wellness programs? We’ll be spending a lot of time exploring that question in 2020, but you can find some initial thoughts here. In general, EX is expanding the way we think about wellness to account for the critical role of workplace culture and context. Instead of viewing wellness simply as a driver of health costs, the EX model considers it an essential source of energy needed to design innovative products, deliver delightful customer interactions, and adapt with resilience to an increasingly volatile economy. In other words, wellness is becoming less about fixing people and more about unlocking their potential.

If you’re interested in designing an Employee Experience strategy for your company, let us know and we’ll help you get started.

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