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Virtual Wellness Week

As the reality of a long-term remote workspace has set in, many of our clients are asking for help developing online wellness fairs this year, including leading virtual cooking classes. The solutions have varied because every company is unique as are the challenges facing their employees.

This article by Heidi Zak describes her company’s wellness week for remote employees and the thinking behind it:

While not every idea will work for your organization, answering these questions can help focus your efforts of giving employees what they most need right now:

  • "What do my employees need most right now?"

  • "How can I help them in ways that go above and beyond the responsibilities of the company?"

  • "What would make their lives better, easier, and more fulfilling?"

  • "If I want to build an open and collaborative culture, how can I encourage those behaviors even during difficult times?"

  • "If I was an employee of this company, what would I value most right now?"

If you like the idea of a virtual wellness week, we’d love to help! Contact us at

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