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How does your garden grow?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Really well, thank you!

With time on our hands and nowhere to go, we’re finding that the act of tending to something/someone else is a great form of self-care. Not only do (most) of our gardens look better than they ever have, there have been quiet benefits to this time spent with our hands in the dirt.

Some of us are expanding skills that we’ve been cultivating (ahem) for a long time. Others are new to growing our own food and flowers. And some, well, they’re busy nurturing little spouts of another kind.

We’re finding that gardening, no matter how big the pot or plot of land is a great way to de-stress, be more mindful and create beauty. We’re not alone. This article suggests that gardening improves both health and wellbeing.

Interested in learning more? Here are some of our favorite gardening resources that will work no matter how much or little space you have:

· Grow a tiny victory garden

· Shop for plants online

· Find supplies for every need

Happy growing!

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