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Dave Young


For me, wellness is a personal journey, it’s not one size fits all. For some, it might mean marathons and CrossFit; for others, it might mean walking their dog or playing with their kids. Wellness is about making every choice count. Small steps like eating a little healthier and moving a little more help you feel a little better. When I am feeling better, I’m a better leader, a better employee, a better spouse, a better father, a better person.

"My happy place is on the water with a fly rod in my hand. The combination of a perfect cast and fly that entices a fish to bite is truly a feeling of bliss."

Kristina Simpson

Director, Operations

I believe that wellness should be ingrained in the fabric of our daily choices. It’s about choosing an apple over a cookie, a walk over another lunch at your desk, and yoga class over TV reruns. At the end of the day, it’s about making healthy choices for your body and soul.

"I’ve never met a problem I can’t solve with a Pivot Table!” 

Nicole Horgan

Director, Client Experience

I believe that achieving wellness is an ongoing journey, not a destination. This journey is shaped by the culture that we live within. Employers who establish a culture of wellness help develop their employees’ capacity to adopt healthier lifestyle practices, thus positively contributing to their wellness journey.

"I'm a meal preppin’ maniac who loves a physical challenge (like completing 140.6 miles to become an IronMan or IronWoman, I like to say)"

Jordan Varriano

Sr. Sales Executive

What wellness means to me has changed with each stage in my life. Growing up we are taught how important it is to eat healthy, exercise, and treat your body with care, but with the natural distractions of life, wellness started falling to the wayside for me. At this stage in my life, I have learned through experience, that my wellness is so evidently shown in all that I do because it directly effects the outcomes I want to produce. There is nothing that can stop me after a full night's sleep, a healthy breakfast, and a brisk walk. I have found a beauty in being healthy that doesn't focus on the physical, but instead on the overall mindset.

"My passion is connecting with people from all walks of life. Spanish has given me this connection. There is a discovery of one's inner voice while immersed in another language and culture that is extremely powerful. Amor es Podersoso!"

Get to know

Amber Rust

Client Manager

I love cooking and am obsessed with all things kitchen, except canned biscuits- they terrify me every…..time…..POP!

Ashley Hadley

Sales Coordinator

Ashley H.jpeg

Family is my everything. Outside of that I love storms, dinosaurs,

bread, sharks, running and I believe that "laughter is the fireworks of the soul." ♥

Hannah Morishita

Sales Coordinator

I love to walk my dog Baxter & have run 2 half-marathons; I can fold an origami crane out of a 1 cm square piece of paper.

Julie Roegele

Product Manager

I love being a mother to my two children. Parenting them is my greatest pleasure in life.

Lucy French

Product Manager

I’m a true animal lover! I stole my family cat from our neighbors. Plot twist, they allowed us to keep her!

Robin Price

Executive Assistant


My 5 grand-kiddos are the love of my life. Spending time with them always makes me happy as does the quiet time with my husband after they leave.

Amie Butler

Client Manager

I am driven by curiosity and have a passion for trying out all things new, like meal kit and wine deliveries, makeup products, and exercise classes.

Camarin Mass

Product Manager

Every day I fly out of bed and cannot wait to get my day started!

Heather Conley

Data Analyst


When I’m not being a number cruncher, I enjoy traveling the world and cheering on my favorite teams. Go Seahawks!

Kristin Tucker

Team Lead,

Sales Support & Billing

A dreamer and believer, a mom who is an introvert, a seeker, and always evolving.  I love to learn, upcycle, create, and organize ♥

Martha DeMar



I love this work. I’m always learning something new:  about what motivates people, how cultures change, or the mind-body connection.

Scott Dinwiddie

Health & Productivity


To the chagrin of my neighbors, I am currently re-learning how to play the drums.

Andrea Bailey

Client Manager


I treasure my ohana, walking, Blue Zones, and balance. Oh, and hummingbirds, too!

Christina Vaughan

Data Analyst


I enjoy live theater, travel, tracking for Search and Rescue, and solving mysteries – oh, and yeah, analyzing data!

Julie Lockleer-Smith


Health Plan Programs

Working on recognizing my resilience and having gratitude for all things, l’ve noticed a true calming in my life.

Kristen Raney

Client Manager

Wellbeing is all about balance for me… healthy food, exercise, sleep – and chocolate!

Nicole Barnhart



Spending time with my family, hiking, cycling, reading, movies, coffee and Disneyland are a few of my favorite things!

Sherrill Miller

Client Manager

I've hiked in 3 countries and cycled in 1 in the past 4 years and enjoy the outdoors, fun in the sun, music and dance.